Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rainy day...

Today is our first rainy, fallish day this season. I normally am a sunny weather person, but every once and awhile I love a good, snuggly kind of day that makes you want to read books in your pjs on the couch and eat warm baked things. (These days make me miss living with my mom, cause now I have to do the baking.)

We woke up late to the sound of raindrops. The boys slept in since there was no sun to wake them up. Then we, minus Tyler who had to get dressed to go work for awhile, put on sweats and made French toast. Now the boys are watching Curious George and playing with cars and bulldozers and I'm tucked under a down comforter, catching up on the world on my phone. Later Tyler will be back, being that he can't really work in the rain. We can all snuggle in and take naps. If the photoshoot I had scheduled this afternoon ends up being canceled, I may never even change out of my sister's cozy sweatpants and my brother's worn-out tshirt. (My siblings love how I steal their clothes...or not.)

Yay for days I can cuddle up with my boys and watch the rain out the window! And now I'm feeling a strong urge for fall fashion. Boots and scarves anyone?

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