Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rainy day...

Today is our first rainy, fallish day this season. I normally am a sunny weather person, but every once and awhile I love a good, snuggly kind of day that makes you want to read books in your pjs on the couch and eat warm baked things. (These days make me miss living with my mom, cause now I have to do the baking.)

We woke up late to the sound of raindrops. The boys slept in since there was no sun to wake them up. Then we, minus Tyler who had to get dressed to go work for awhile, put on sweats and made French toast. Now the boys are watching Curious George and playing with cars and bulldozers and I'm tucked under a down comforter, catching up on the world on my phone. Later Tyler will be back, being that he can't really work in the rain. We can all snuggle in and take naps. If the photoshoot I had scheduled this afternoon ends up being canceled, I may never even change out of my sister's cozy sweatpants and my brother's worn-out tshirt. (My siblings love how I steal their clothes...or not.)

Yay for days I can cuddle up with my boys and watch the rain out the window! And now I'm feeling a strong urge for fall fashion. Boots and scarves anyone?

Monday, August 27, 2012

So, I guess I have to start potty training?

I am not really one to share stories of my children's um, bathroom mishaps, with a public audience. I tell specific people, but realize that the general population probably doesn't care to know about such things. And in Jack's life, we've had lots of stories. God apparently decided just to throw me in deep when it came to bodily fluids and motherhood. And he's given me grace to deal with it every time. If you'd told me pre-kids about some of the things I would have to clean up, I would have told you that I would have just burned the house down or something. I even hate the word "potty." It is on my least favorite words list along with "hubby" and "panties." But, I think I'm about to start using it a lot. Jack is going up force me to potty train him it seems. (I was quite willing to give him another 6 months or so.)

A few minutes ago, shortly after he was put down to nap, I heard him crying and went in to find this:

(Sorry older Jack who may see this someday. But just keep in mind the following story and then maybe send your mother a thank you card. Or money. Or jewelry. I've got other stories I haven't told yet, so be nice to your mama!)

He apparently felt the need to pee, took off his shorts and dry diaper and decided the best course of action would be to climb up on his shelf and pee on his cd player. Why the cd player? Maybe he's trying to tell us he wants an iPod? I guess a cd player was the closest thing he found to a toilet? I can see a few similarities, if I imagine really hard. Oh the mind of a two year old!

Tyler happened to be home and I called him in and we both just kind of stared at Jack, who was staring at us, and tried not to bust up laughing. For me, one of the hardest parts of being a mom is not laughing when I shouldn't. That and cleaning pee out of a cd player, and the shelf, and the toys on the shelf, and the carpet.

We had a talk about not taking diapers off and toilets and asking for help and such. But I've said all along that I won't start potty training until he shows me he's ready. And though this is one of the worst and funnier incidents, we've had similar ones recently. I think a message is emerging.

Pray for me and send me gifts of Clorox wipes.

The end.

Except it's more like the beginning...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jack's 2nd Birthday...

On May 9th, my oldest baby turned 2! In some ways, it is hard to believe he is so big and in others, it is hard to remember him being so small. He's such a little man now. Full of lots of thoughts and observations. Talking to him and listening to him all day is really fun! He's become my little bestie.

He started out the day super duper early for some reason---maybe he was excited about his birthday? Mommy doesn't get up at 5:30, so he got to play iPad in my bed for awhile while I took a little nap. Since the iPad is one of his most coveted activities and he's not allowed to use it very often, that made his day. I remembered to snap a picture with my phone, in order to keep my tradition of a picture when he first wakes up on his birthday.

Daddy went and got his favorite breakfast: doughnuts--with sprinkles! And we made it all fancy with a candle. I told him we could do anything he wanted to that day and he chose going to Grandma's house--which is what he asks for every day. She does have a fun house and he loves hanging with his uncles and Nen and Grandpa too! So we played at Grandma's and had mac and cheese for lunch--another favorite. Then he had a birthday nap! When Daddy got home we took him to Target to pick out a toy. He was in awe of the fact that he could get one. He wandered up and down the aisles saying "get this one. or this one." With some guidance from us, he chose two little construction vehicles---we have a whole fleet of them and they are the favorites of both boys.

Then we had his favorite dinner--nachos. Got to love that my go-to easy meal is his favorite! And then we went and got some "ice-beem" as he calls it and he was super excited that he got his own bowl and could pick the flavors and toppings. He had the grossest combination of things I've ever seen, but he loved it.

Since Jack's birthday was in the middle of the week, we had a celebration with my family on the following Sunday. Months before, I saw a pin of a bulldozer cake on Pinterest and I knew that that was Jack's cake. A "Bo-bo" cake, as he called it! (Sometimes he still asks for bo-bo cake.)

First we did some playing outside at Grandma's and feeding the chickens and goats. Jack loves feeding the animals and exploring the barnyard. Uncle Dut has taken him back there for adventures and taught him to carry around a stick to remind Bunny, the slightly crazy goat, who is boss if she tries to butt him. It's funny, she totally respects him and never messes with him when he has that stick. (Which I cannot say is the case for me. Which is why these pictures are on the other side of the fence. She's weird, I'm not a fan.)

And Grandpa always takes him to feed and put away the animals. A few weeks ago, he was back there while Grandpa was working on something in the barn and he left the door open and Jack decides to feed the chickens. He goes and finds a bucket, marches into the barn and finds the barrel with the chicken scratch and scoops some and goes out and throws it for them. Then he went back and did the same thing for the goats with their food!

 I need to get chickens while he thinks these chores are fun. I know from personal experience that the novelty wears off early!

I couldn't resist a picture of him and Auntie Nen. He misses her so much. He tells me every day that when he gets a little bit bigger he is going to go to Fiji with Nenny.

He is such a sweet boy. He has his two year old tantrum or disobedient moments, but he really is so sweet. He loves to cuddle and give me "nose kisses" and "regular kisses". He loves to read books and has memorized several and will randomly recite the entire book while he's playing. He sings our bedtime songs very loudly and off-key. He loves, loves cars and trucks and bulldozers and trains and any vehicle of any kind. One of his favorite shows is Mighty Machines on Netflix, which was from when I was a kid. He also loves Curious George--both the books and the show. Tyler and I are sick of the Curious George stories we have, we read them so often! He loves his brother. He calls him "Bummy," "Bummy-Bum," "Wi-am," "Wi-am John," and randomly the other day, "Bummy John." Poor Liam. What a nickname! They play together all the time--laying on the floor playing cars or duplos or trains or even swords. Liam wants to do whatever Jack does and Jack is very kind to him.

Lately he has begun to spontaneously pray for us. I was sick the other day and resting in bed and he came in and said "Dear Jesus, thank you for our bodies. Please help Mommy feel better. Amen." We had a scary choking incident with Liam recently where he swallowed a piece of plastic and was choking and throwing up stuff and we couldn't get it out for quite awhile and I was praying out loud as we tried to help him and Jack joined in, "Dear Lord, Thank you for Bummy choking..." I guess he takes how we are supposed to give thanks in all things seriously! :) I am so thankful to see God's grace in his little life. I know it is only by His work that Jack has interest in such things and we are praying that He continues to work in Jack's little heart and show him his need for a Savior!

And finally it was time for the long-awaited bo-bo cake! He did a great job blowing out his candles and he loved the Happy Birthday song. Unlike last year, where he cried when everyone sang. Our family's rendition of the birthday song really is pretty bad. Hopefully the boys take after Tyler in the singing department...

He always says, "Ummy, ummy!" And, thanks to his aunt, when he really likes something he says it makes him "Happy, happy, happy!"

And, to top it all off, he got a shiny red tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa, which he loves and calls his bike.

He loved his birthday so much that, even now, he asks when he can have it again. He also tries to trick us by telling us things like,  "I get a special treat, it my birthday." or "I don't take a nap, it my birthday." Oh, how I wish that actually worked. I would use that excuse too!

We love you so much, Jack-Jack!

Father's Day...




(Right as I was taking this one, Jack was pulling the trigger on his gun and seconds after I got shot in the face, haha!)

Tyler is such an amazing Daddy to his boys. They love him so much...but not as much as I do!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Boys and trains and things...

Him. Could he BE any cuter? My sweetness is getting so big. He doesn't crawl-crawl, it's more of a crawl-scoot-worm combination, but he's getting wherever he wants to go. And he sits up by himself. Last night he was crying and I went in to find him sitting at the end of his crib, peeking through the bars.

And he's babbling. Yesterday he said "bwah!" I am pretty sure that is short for "beloved mother" and so I win the who's-name-will-he-say-first contest. He's so ticklish and giggly and he loves Florence and the Machine. Truly. He doesn't cuddle anymore unless he's eating or very sleepy. He pushes away from me to turn and see what is going on around him. He's going to be very busy very soon!

Today we went to the Colorado Railroad Museum with MB and her boys. When we were building our secret tree fort at age 12 and tried to trick my dad into deeding the property it was on to us so we could ban boys from it, I doubt we ever imagined that someday we'd be going to see trains with our 4 boys, age two and under.

But they are fun and they had fun and got very dirty--well the oldest two at least. Jack is napping very well after climbing up and down and running from train to train.

Jack is such a little boy. I love it. It makes me sad that he's getting so big, but he's so fun! He speaks pretty much like a regular person now and so we have conversations. He loves when I show him how to do things or explain something. And my newest favorite thing is that he sings. It's so funny--very loud and off-key, totally the kid that we always put far away from the microphones during kids choir, but he's two so I doubt his pitch problems are long-term. We sing at bedtime and so now after praying he launches right into song. So cute. He also has lots of his books memorized and so he "reads" them to us. It makes for a very cute bedtime routine between the reading and singing.

These boys are the best. I'm so glad they are mine!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Tidbits from recently...

(The pictures are completely random.)

I am already missing my sister. She's only been in Fiji for a day, but I miss her. My parents' house has an empty space without her. And the girls are way outnumbered. I stayed up late Saturday night texting her until she took off from LA. And she emailed me when she got there to tell us all that she made it. I'm just hoping her Internet situation allows us to text or talk decently often. It's going to be a long time till October without her! But God is already doing cool things with her--I'm excited to see how He uses this trip in her life!

Speaking of God doing things, lately I am having a hard time sitting back and letting Him do His thing. I keep wanting to jump in and just hurry things up a little! But, learning to trust His timing is good. Not easy, but very good!

Liam has been sleeping through the night most nights. It is wonderful. He also started having some rice puffs while we eat and thinks they are pretty cool but would really love of we'd pass him some of that tasty-looking stuff the rest of us are eating. Jack often does try to share and so Liam has also had chips and popcorn and strawberries. Not exactly allergy or choking-friendly but he's still alive.

Jack's new favorite phrase is "what was that?!" He keeps asking to drive my car, so i told him he couldn't until he was big like Uncle Casey. Now he always tries to climb into my seat, saying, "I'm a little bigger now!" And he loves swimming in the kiddie pool. He's got the cutest little farmer's tan going on (he must have his Daddy's skin cause I don't tan!) and so I've been letting him run around shirtless to even it out. Shirtless little boys = adorable.

And, to conclude, a story. The other night, we were sitting on the couch, having just finished a family movie evening, when we heard the distant sound of bagpipes. So then we went outside and snooped around and realized it was coming from the church parking lot behind us. So then we spied through our window and saw that there was a bagpiper and a drummer standing in the parking lot, playing in kilts. Then Tyler realized that the bagpiper was his secretary from his old job's husband. Randomest thing ever.

...Except for maybe this post.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My little sis...

One week from today, my baby sister leaves to go live in Fiji for the next few months. Yes, she really is going to Fiji. I think it sounds weird because Fiji is one of those really random, faraway places you would tend to say if you were joking or exaggerating. And people like to tease her because a tropical paradise-type island doesn't exactly sound like the hardest of mission trip places. Way to serve God while hanging out on the beach, Jennifer. 

But, seriously, I am oh, so very proud of her and the woman she is growing to be. I know that God is going to use her trip in amazing ways in her life and the lives of those she meets! However, she is not allowed to meet or change the lives of any boys because Fiji is too expensive to visit like, ever. 

And man, I'm going to miss her! We hang out almost every day and have Tuesday night girls' nights and we run errands together and get together just to eat things and do so many things. I'm going to be quite lost without her. And Jack and Liam are too--especially Jack who loves his Nen. (Or Uncle Nonnifer, as I  encourage him to call her.) And even Tyler finds her pretty spiffy. Okay, very spiffy. We will all be counting the days until she is with us again!

One of her requests before leaving was to do a little photo shoot--she loves them! And I get to dress her up like I have a real live Barbie, so I love it too. Her friend Brooklyn came along with us and we just ran over to the park near our houses. The two parks closest to us are some of the prettiest parks ever, with the most amazing views. I love where we live! 

Here's some pictures...

You wish you had her moves...